About Light Rail

Light Rail in Canberra offers an exciting opportunity to transform Canberra and deliver a truly integrated transport system, which will provide more options in how Canberrans move around, which in turn will enrich lifestyles and enhance growth.

The first stage of Light Rail will connect the fast growing area of Gungahlin, through Dickson to the City.

There are 13 stops along the 12km track including a terminus at each end of the route. Construction has already started and services will begin for the community in 2018.

"Light Rail will bring local employment and a new industry in light rail operations, maintenance and hospitality for the next 20 years. This will drive growth, and growth will generate vibrancy, diversity of employment and long-term sustainability - just like it has in other cities around the world." Saori Peguicha, Project Manager, Pacific Partnerships (part of the consortium delivering stage one).


Key features

  • 12 km route
  • 6-minute peak service
  • 10-15 minute off peak
  • 13 stops
  • 14 light rail vehicles
  • 24-minute journey time
  • Same level boarding at all stops
  • 2 dedicated wheelchair spaces
  • Bikes on board
  • Capacity of more than 200 people
  • Operations to commence in 2019
  • Sustainability benefits


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