Permanent changes to the Morphett and Murdoch street median crossings from 21 December

From Friday 21 December 2018, new traffic signals will be operational for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Northbourne Avenue median at Morphett and Murdoch Street, between Dickson and Lyneham. As a result of the new signal configuration, movements through these intersections have changed and those travelling through this area should take extra care and familiarise themselves with these changes.

Traffic changes:

For vehicles

Southbound and northbound vehicles looking to cross the median will now be required to stop at traffic lights as they enter the slip lanes to Morphett and Murdoch Streets. This is to allow light rail vehicles to pass as they travel down the median. Once the traffic lights are green, vehicles will cross the light rail tracks and enter Northbourne Avenue in one movement. As northbound vehicles cross on to Morphett Street, southbound vehicles on Northbourne Avenue will be stopped at the lights.


The previous road crossing for southbound traffic looking to turn into Murdoch Street has been relocated further south and motorists will be required to briefly U-turn north onto Northbourne Avenue and then turn left onto Murdoch Street.


For cyclists and pedestrians


For cyclists and pedestrians, the large pedestrian crossing has been maintained. However there are additional pedestrian lights at the light rail tracks that must be observed. You must only cross on the green light.


New lights
There are new traffic night when turning at Morphett and Mudoch Street  on Northbourne Avenue 


Additional Information:

These works are designed to transform Canberra, making it more accessible and to provide greater commuter connectivity across an integrated public transport network. We appreciate the continued patience of the public and the support of the Canberra community as we carry out these works.

More information can be found by visiting If you have any questions in relation to works in your local area, please contact Canberra Metro Construction:

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Publish date:
21 December 2018
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