Out of Hours Notice Hibberson Street 10 May - 31 May 2018

Last month the hours of work in Hibberson Street were extended in an effort to fast track completion of various activities such as rail stop build, track slab and rail install, pole and overhead wire install. Works have progressed very well to the point where the intention now is to further extend working hours to complete remaining works.

Construction Work:

Out-of-hours landscaping and paving works will occur from Thursday 10 May until Sunday 31 May. Predominantly, trees will be planted and pavers laid up to retail shop fronts along Hibberson Street. Much of this work by necessity has to be done at night to minimise pedestrian and retail shop disruption.

The working hours will be 5am to 11:30pm.

No works are scheduled:

  • on Sundays
  • after 6pm Saturday evenings;
  • Public Holidays 

Additional Information:

The equipment to be used include excavator, plate compactor and rollers, light vehicles, and trucks. Please note, no paver cutting will be undertaken at night.

Due to the nature of the work, some of the activities will be noisy. The project team will limit these impacts wherever possible by reducing the number of machines operating at the same time and turning off equipment when not in use. Non-tonal reversing beepers will be used and workers will be instructed to keep noise to a minimum. 

Thank you for your patience during these important works.

Publish date:
04 May 2018
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