Out-of-hours notice for Flemington Road: Wizard Street intersection to Nullarbor Avenue Intersection: All Sundays between 23 December 2018 and 13 January 2019

Final finishing works are required for the track slab, on the Flemington Road median, between Wizard Street and Nullarbor Avenue. The works will take place on all Sundays between 23 December 2018 and 13 January 2019 from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

Traffic Management:

There will be no change for traffic travelling northbound and southbound along Flemington Road during these works.  

Additional Information:

The equipment to be used will include a road saw, excavator, vacuum truck, an hydraulic hammer, an angle grinder, lighting towers, heavy and light vehicles and concreting plant.

The project team will ensure the number of machines operating at the same time is limited and equipment turned off when not in use. Non-tonal reversing beepers will be used* and workers will be instructed to keep noise to a minimum. 

Thank you for your patience during these important works.

These works are designed to transform Canberra, making it more accessible and to provide greater commuter connectivity across an integrated public transport network. We appreciate the continued patience of the public and the support of the Canberra community as we carry out these works.

More information can be found by visiting www.canberra-metro.com.au. If you have any questions in relation to works in your local area, please contact Canberra Metro:

  • Phone 1300 208 824

Are you Rail Ready?

OVERHEAD WIRE INSTALLATION – The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. It will cause fatal injuries if touched. Keep away! Download a fact sheet including safety tips.

* Except for elevated work platforms which are required by safety regulations to have tonal beepers.

Publish date:
20 December 2018
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