Mapleton Avenue-Flemington Road intersection closed for simulated emergency event - Thursday 5 December

As we move closer to commencing light rail services we will be undertaking a number of simulated emergency exercises to test and refine our emergency systems and procedures. These exercises are undertaken as joint operations with Emergency Services and Transport Canberra and are undertaken to ensure that we are meeting our commitment of delivering a light rail for Canberra that is of the highest safety and quality standards.


Today (Thursday 6 December) we are undertaking the first of these simulated exercises.  This first test will occur on the northern section of the light rail route and involve a simulated incident of a collision between a light rail vehicle and a motor vehicle.

Emergency Services, including Police, Fire and Ambulance, will be in attendance at the location of the exercise, however it is a simulated exercise for the purposes of internal testing only. It is not an emergency situation.


Please be aware that only authorised personnel are permitted inside the rail zone. Members of the community must stay outside the red and yellow water barriers and not attempt to enter the light rail corridor at any time. During the simulated exercise traffic controls will be in place to manage the safety of personnel involved in the exercise and the public.


Traffic changes and detours:

  • No right turn onto Manning Clark Crescent and Mapleton Avenue from Flemington Road
  • No right turn onto Flemington Road from Manning Clark Crescent and Mapleton Avenue
  • No through traffic access crossing Flemington Road when travelling between Mapleton Avenune and Manning Clark Crescent

These works are designed to transform Canberra, making it more accessible and to provide greater commuter connectivity across an integrated public transport network. We appreciate the continued patience of the public and the support of the Canberra community as we carry out these works.

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Publish date:
06 December 2018
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