Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Testing Update 28 September

28 September
The final LRV arrived this week! Testing of LRV 014 will commence straight away. Driver training and testing will continue in Gungahlin as normal. Motorists are reminded that the rail corridor is strictly reserved for LRVs only. Please ensure your in-car or portable satellite navigation systems are updated to reflect the permanent change in road conditions. 

21 September
For the week ahead, LRVs 12 and 13 will be subject to brake testing on Thursday and Friday next week (27-28 Sep), which means Mapleton Avenue-Manning Clark Crescent intersection will be closed for those two days. LRV 14, our last LRV, will arrive on Tuesday and preparations to test vehicles down into Dickson will commence on Wednesday night. 

The unimog will be the first vehicle to travel down the alignment between the Depot and Dickson. It will be checking to ensure there is enough clearance for the LRVs to start travelling down this section of the alignment.

14 September

LRV testing and driver training will continue between between Gungahlin Place and Nullarbor Avenue over the coming week, during the days and nights. 

7 September 
Light rail vehicle activity along the Mitchell through to Dickson rail segment is targeted to commence from Monday 10 September. Initial operating times will be between 8pm and 4:30am each night. Generally, there will be no testing on weekends. Initial testing will involve the presence of traffic management staff at intersections through which light vehicles will pass. Additional information here. LRV testing and driver training will continue in Gungahlin and Mitchell untill service operations commence at the end of this year.

31 August 
Testing next week kicks off with daytime brake testing from Monday 3 September. This will continue between Nullarbor Avenue and the Mapleton and Maning Clark intersection. Driver training continues in earnest from Gungahlin Place to Nullarbor Avenue and final preparations are underway to test LRVs from Mitchell to Dickson, which will take place later in September.

24 August
From 5:00am, Monday 27 August, the light rail vehicles will be operating between Gungahlin Place and Nullarbor Avenue under direction of the 'T lights' during the day and night. Traffic control will be on standby to assist with pedestrian movements at the intersections where required. As the road rules do not change, Motorists and pedestrians should continue to observe the road rules as normal. 


LRVs will operating with T lights from 5:00am Monday


17 August
Testing of the light rail system is now running 24/7 with LRVs now operating during the day, between Nullarbor Avenue and Mapleton Avenue / Manning Clark Crescent. Next week, the LRV's own 'T lights' will be in operation and the LRVs will begin moving down to Gungahlin Place during the day. Driver training is also taking place concurrently with the testing.

6 August 
LRV testing work continues in earnest as preparations get underway for day-time testing to commence later this month. This week will be busy, however, as on-going routine testing continues with LRVs 002 and 003. Brake testing, with simulation of slippery conditions will also start later in the week. The LRV traffic lights, commonly referred to as 'T lights', are also being tested at night. 


Light Rail testing

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30 July
LRV003 will be brake testing between Nullarbor Avenue and Mapleton Avenue. Load testing has also commenced, which involves simulating LRVs carrying full loads of people but practicing with bags of sand. LRVs are now travelling under power from the depot to Gungahlin which means LRVs are also testing along the track at Mitchell. LRV004 is doing 10km/h testing and this week. LRV001 will also come back out where it will be coupled to LRV003 to test towing of LRV to LRV.  


23 July
LRVs 002 and 004 continue testing between Nullarbor Avenue and Gungahlin Place. Brake testing underway Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. LRV0010 arrives on Thursday.

16 July

This week (15-21 July), LRVs 001, 002 and 004 will be testing between Nullarbor Avenue and Gungahlin Place. A temporary 'stabling' facility, which is where the vehicles are kept during the day, has been established just south of the Mapleton Avenue/Manning Clark Crescent intersection. This location will make it easier for the crew to commence testing in this area as the vehicles will already be there waiting for them. 

Importantly, it is anticipated that brake testing will take place on Thursday 19 July. Some noise may be heard from the brake testing as the vehicles are accelerated to 70 km/h before brakes are applied to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Brake testing will take place between Nullarbor Avenue and Mapleton Avenue.


9 July 
This week (8-14 July) LRV001 will be the main focus of testing with 10km/h runs between Gungahlin Place and Nullarbor Avenue. LRV003 will head back to the depot later this week to undergo some more safety testing, whilst LRV002 emerges for the first time early next week.

This week our eighth and ninth LRV will arrive by truck from Port Kembla and early next week (15-21 July) high speed testing is expected to commence.


   The LRVs are currently being stabled just south of Manning Clark Crescent during the day.

2 July

After nearly a month of testing with our first light rail vehicle, known as 'LRV003', testing has now commenced with 'LRV001' which left the Light Rail Depot on Thursday last week to join its stablemate.

Currently, the two light rail vehicles are parked adjacent to our site-compound on Flemington Road, in Gungahlin, where they await their nightly rigorous Testing and Commissioning regime. 

Two light rail vehicles are now undergoing testing each night.

This week:
This week (1-7 July) LRV001 will undergo basic ‘static’ testing with only small movements between Kate Crace street and Manning Clark Crescent. LRV003 however, has been volunteered to participate in recovery training exercises with the Unimog, which, not unlike an NRMA service vehicle, provides ‘trackside’ repair, recovery and towing services for the light rail vehicles.

The Unimog provides and 'trackside' repair, recovery and towing service for the light rail vehicles.

Whilst testing of the vehicles is underway, it is important that you are Rail Ready. Safety is our main priority. Take a look at our Rail Ready resources for light rail safety tips and information

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28 September 2018
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