Out of Hours Notice Girrahween/Masson Street Intersection on Northbourne Avenue 19 - 23 March 2018

Out of hours works will need to take place for relocation of traffic signals for one (1) night only between 19 -23 March, date to be scheduled depending on conditions. Due to current conditions the works will urgently need to take place Monday 19 March 2018. 

Scope of Works:
The intersection will be closed for the de-commissioning and set-up of replacement temporary traffic signals. To ensure this work can be completed on time, out-of-hours work will take place on one night:

  • 8:00pm Monday 19 March -  6:00am Tuesday 20  March

Northbourne Avenue:  north and southbound traffic will be unaffected, but temporary traffic changes during this time will be.

  • No right-turn into Girrahween and Masson Streets from Northbourne Avenue;
  • No right-turn into Northbourne Avenue from Girrahween and Masson Streets; and
  • No through-traffic access between Girrahween and Masson Streets.

Detours and traffic management in place and highly visible throughout the works; and

Pedestrian management will be in place to ensure the safe crossing of Northbourne Avenue.

Additional Information:
The equipment and plant to be used includes light vehicles, elevated working platform, lighting towers and hand tools. Due to the nature of the work, some of the activities will be noisy.

The construction team will limit these impacts wherever possible by reducing the number of machines operating at the same time and turning off equipment when not in use. Workers will be instructed to keep noise to a minimum. 

Publish date:
19 March 2018