Tracking Progress

Stage 1 of Canberra’s Light Rail is a City-transformational project that is unfolding before our eyes. The project is rapidly progressing with the next phase being the Testing and Commissioning (T&C) of electrical systems of the track in readiness for the arrival of our first vehicle. To reach this exciting milestone, tracklaying is progressing along Flemington Road, inclusive of site preparation, production and installation. Here is an overview of the tracklaying process:


Crews work to identify underground utilities and above ground services.

The next step is the removal of top soil and conditioning of the existing ground material to ensure the correct bearing capacity. The laying of concrete layer, or blinding, follows to regulate the level of the track and provide a uniform working surface.

The reinforced steel is laid, prior to the Slip Form Paver, applying concrete to the track-form shape over the steel.


Worker setting up steel reinforcement for light rail construction
                                                                  Setting up of steel reinforcement


Slip Form Paver
                                                                                  Slip Form Paver


Rail lengths of 20 metres are welded into 120 metre lengths at 3 locations along the 12km corridor. The track is then relocated to its final position using a multi-trolley type arrangement. All the welds are ultrasonically tested to ensure weld integrity prior to install.


Aerial view of reinforcement on Flemington Road
                                                         Aerial view of reinforcement on Flemington Road


Mini mobile crane gantries are used to place rail into concrete troughs. Engineering supervision in conjunction with surveying will ensure design alignment tolerances are met. This is accomplished by using the dolly which is unique to each track.

The rail is set into position within the trough using a composite material called Corklast, which is a flexible epoxy with excellent vibration and sound absorbing qualities. This also assists in limiting wear and tear on Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) wheels.

A final profile grind is performed following the installation of the rail to ensure a smooth and quiet ride.

Quality review occurs throughout this process.

Testing and Commissioning (T&C)

Test tracks have been laid at the intersection of Nullarbor Avenue and Flemington Road. This test track was installed as a trial to check our methodology prior to large scale install. Track laying has commenced in the northern part of the corridor and will continue until completion.

Publish date:
02 November 2017