Tips to avoid swapping paint with an LRV

As we move closer to commencing light rail services we will be undertaking a number of simulated emergency exercises to test and refine our emergency systems and procedures. These exercises are undertaken as joint operations with Emergency Services and Transport Canberra and are undertaken to ensure that we are meeting our commitment of delivering a light rail for Canberra that is of the highest safety and quality standards.

A successful 'mock' emergency exercise was held on on 6 Dec.


On Thursday 6 December Canberra Metro undertook the first of these simulated exercises together with ACT Emergency Services. This first test took place on the northern section of the light rail route on Flemington Road, Harrsion and involved a simulated incident of a collision between a light rail vehicle and a motor vehicle. Emergency Services attended at the location of the exercise and a full simulation of a real collision emergency unfolded with ambulace paramedics treating 'passengers' and fire and rescue officers managing the 'collision site'.


ACT Emergency Services showed off their amazing proffessionalism during the mock emergency exercise


The event was considered a success, but it also served a reminder that motorists should  be alert when traveling near the Light Rail system.


Driving tips for motorists include:


  • Make sure not to queue across the tracks at any time.
  • Do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear.
  • Truck drivers should ensure their vehicle load does not come close to the overhead wire when crossing at intersections. Road rules stay the same. Always obey traffic lights and road signs. If everyone follows the rules, we all stay safe! 


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Publish date:
07 December 2018