Testing Times are on Track!

Half of Canberra’s fleet of 14 Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) have now arrived! They are all based at their new home in Canberra Metro’s Light Rail Depot in Mitchell. On-track testing of the first LRV commenced in June and this video shows it being towed slowly out of the Depot onto a completed section of track on Flemington Road.



This first night of testing was a big moment for the project! The light rail’s overhead wires were powered up with electricity, the vehicle’s wheels were slotted into the tracks and the pantograph was lifted to make contact with the overhead wires for the first time.

The Testing and Commissioning phase takes the project a step closer to the start of operations.


During July LRV testing will happen at night time and only at the Gungahlin end of the light rail line, between Nullarbor Avenue and Gungahlin Place.  This is so that construction works can continue during the day along other sections of the light rail corridor.


Stay safe! Light rail vehicles are now travelling on the rail line. Never attempt to access the light rail corridor and always cross rail tracks at designated pedestrian crossings and intersections.


We will continue keeping the community informed on the progress of Canberra’s Light Rail journey. Our crews are working hard to deliver a light rail system of the highest quality, and we appreciate your patience.


Publish date:
05 July 2018