A Retired Community in Crace Eagerly Awaits Light Rail

A Canberra Metro information session presented to a retirement community in Crace provided residents with an overview of the construction project and light rail safety tips.

Representatives from Transport Canberra and Canberra Metro presented to community members who were curious about the progress of the construction project and commencement of the light rail service. Points of interest such as bus timetables and accessible transport options to connect to the light rail when service commences were also discussed.

TC and CMC presentation on light rail to retirement community

Key milestones in the project were presented including progress in the construction of stops on Flemington Road, the installation of poles and overhead wire and the exhaustive on-track testing the Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) must undergo before the service is ready to welcome passengers on-board. Aspects that may be of particular interest to elderly travellers were highlighted such as accessibility features of the LRVs: each LRV has 2 dedicated wheelchair spaces, the boarding platforms designed at an even level with no gap or step to the transport vehicle and enhanced security through CCTV on-board and at the stops.

The Rail Ready Safety Video was shown and hard copies of the Rail Ready safety materials, brochure and energisation Factsheet, were distributed. In the next few months, additional information will be made available to ensure all patrons enjoy a comfortable and safe journey.

Light rail is fast approaching. Are you Rail Ready?

Publish date:
04 June 2018