Netball ACT is Getting Rail Ready

Netball ACT announced a partnership with Canberra Metro and its Rail Ready Light Rail Safety Awareness Program. The construction of the first stage of Canberra’s Light Rail is progressing into the installation of overhead wires and vehicle testing, so it is very important to be alert and stay safe.

With operations commencing late this year, it is time for all of us to get Rail Ready! The Rail Ready Safety Awareness Program provides safety tips for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers when in the light rail environment.

Netball players at Netball Centre standing with Rail Ready Safety Program banner in the background


General Manager from Netball ACT, Benita Bittner said, “We are excited that Canberra Metro are supporting netball by educating our members on the safe use of the new Light Rail. We anticipate once the project is complete, there will be an increase in community members having easier access to several of the netball venues around Canberra. We are looking forward to working with Canberra Metro, ensuring our members and stakeholders are educated and informed on Light Rail”.

Canberra Metro CEO, Glenn Stockton responded, “Canberra’s Light Rail is part of an integrated public transport system that will expand the options for people to move around Canberra. Light rail safety awareness among children and adults is essential and we appreciate the support of Netball ACT to get Rail Ready safety information out to the community.”

Players, volunteers and their families will be able to receive Rail Ready safety information in the coming months from the team at Canberra Metro. Rail Ready safety resources including a video, brochures and posters for download are available at


Publish date:
16 April 2018