Light rail update for January 2019

Happy New Year. 

Construction at Canberra Metro recommenced this week (7-12 January), following a short period of limited activities over the Christmas-New Year break. This week, workers were busy applying the finishing touches to stops, standing light poles, preparing the track for testing and commissioning and landscaping continued with some much-needed weeding.

Next week (14-19 January), work will be back in full swing with testing, commissioning and driver training taking place in Mitchell and Gungahlin. This will also include 'priority calling' for light rail vehicles (LRVs) at the traffic lights. Priority calling means the LRVs will receive priority at the lights and motorists should pay close attention to the traffic lights as the patterns and timings will change. For more about light rail vehicles at traffic lights go here.

It is anticipated that later this month LRVs will start operating on the Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue. This is an exciting milestone that brings us closer to completion. In the coming days you will begin to see more activity on the tracks as workers prepare the environment for testing and commissioning. This is also an important reminder about keeping safe around the light rail environment. For more on rail safety go here.

Publish date:
11 January 2019