Landscaping takes shape in Gungahlin Place

The finishing touches to the light rail stop at Gungahlin Place are currently underway. New and existing paving has been laid between the shopfronts and the light rail track. Trees and shrubs were planted in early June. 

PLants at Hibberson Street


The trees that have been planted in this precinct are called Green Vase (Zelkova serrata), a medium-sized ornamental deciduous tree. The shrubs variety include:

  • Dianella caerula
  • Dianella revolta
  • Lomandra longfolia
  • Myoporum parvifolium
  • Westringia fruticosa 




It is anticipated that construction of the stop will conclude in August. Barriers will remain in place until the conclusion of the project to accommodate testing of the light rail vehicles and to provide protection for the plantings. The light rail system and stops will remain closed to the public during the testing and commissioning phase until the project becomes operational. For more information download our Testing & Commissioning Facts.

Trees at Gungahlin PLace


Publish date:
13 June 2018