Helpful Tips to Drive Safely in the Light Rail Corridor

At all times, drivers should keep their attention on the road whilst being aware of pedestrians and cyclists.


When driving in the light rail environment remember these safety tips:

  • Make sure not to queue across the tracks at any time.
  • Do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear.
  • Road rules stay the same. Always obey traffic lights and road signs.
LRVs take longer to come to a stop than a road vehicle, and cannot swerve to avoid contact.


The Overhead Wire is Live!

The overhead wire that delivers electricity to the LRVs is LIVE and carries 750 volts of electricity. Always keep a safe distance and never come into contact with it.

The height of the OHW is around 6.1m along the route and 6.65m at intersections. Whilst the height is well above the Australian standard of 5.5m, drivers must comply with Australian road restrictions. 

Truck drivers please ensure that your vehicle load does not come close to the overhead wire.

If everyone follows the rules, we all stay safe!

Publish date:
10 September 2018