Everything You Need to Know About the Light Rail Depot

"There's no turning back from here," Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris said to a group of reporters in July at a special on-site tour of the Light Rail Depot. During the tour, media crews were given access to workers only areas to take a close look at the construction progress of the Depot, the administration and maintenance facilities for the Light Rail:

  • Administration Building: The main hub of the controls centre, the administration building serves to facilitate the primary management of the Canberra Metro organisation in its overall efforts to oversee efficiency, functionality and safety.
  • Maintenance Building: Plays a key role in the daily maintenance of the Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) network assets.
  • Back-Up Operations and Control Centre (BOCC) Building: The BOCC and security facilities are isolated for greater surveillance and security and allow a secondary working environment for field staff.  
  • Stabling Yard: The stabling yard is the rest and parking area for the Light Rail Vehicles.
  • Combined Services Route (CSR): These are all of the conduits (pipes) in the ground for all of the services. About 13kms of conduit will be put into the ground.

Feature stories on construction progress of the Depot included:

Light Rail to Hit Canberra Tracks for Testing from JanuaryThe Canberra Times, 26 July 2017

Light Rail Progress on Track - Canberra Weekly, 3 August

Clips to stories that aired on Win News Canberra, 9 News Canberra and ABC Canberra are available on Canberra Metro’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Construction Site - Maintenance and operations buildings at Light Rail Depot, Canberra

November 2017


Construction Site Light Rail Depot - Canberra Metro

September 2017


Aerial view of Canberra's Light Rail Depot construction site. Steel frame structure and construction vehicles.

June 2017


Aerial view of Canberra's Light Rail Depot construction site.

April 2017

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Publish date:
11 August 2017