Did you know that wearing headphones can prevent you from hearing an approaching LRV?

Teaching your children these safety tips will help them make good decisions and practice rail safety:

  • Pay attention and stay alert at all times around light rail – LRVs can move quickly and quietly. Earphones, and other distractions like reading, texting, taking photos or selfies can put you at risk.


  • Always look both ways before crossing at intersections and crossings. LRVs can approach from either direction and at any time.


  • Never play on light rail tracks.


  • Ride directly across the tracks at a right angle to avoid your scooter or bicycle wheels getting stuck in the groove.
Always cross at designated pedestrian crossings and intersetions


The 'Rail Ready' Light Rail Safety Resources can support the teaching of safe behaviours around light rail.


Be a light rail safety model for your children 

Publish date:
03 September 2018