Canberra Metro Operations

How do I apply for a position as a Light Rail Driver?

The recruitment period has closed. Thank you for your interest.


Design and Construction

How are residents and businesses notified about construction in their area?

The construction schedule has been published and will be updated as and when dates change. As the work in each zone is planned, local stakeholders will be notified in a number of ways:

  • letterbox drops of General Construction Notices and Out Of Hours Notices, within a 250m radius of the work zone
  • door knocks for local residents to highlight scope, timings and mitigation activities
  • advertisements on radio, online and public notices
  • information on the Canberra Metro website and Facebook page.

How can non-English speakers get information?

For speakers of languages other than English who would like the assistance of an interpreter, the Australian Government's Telephone Interpreter Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 131 450.

What type of work does construction involve?

Typical construction work could include:

  • investigation works - involves surveying, locating services, testing utility pits and verifying condition of utilities such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications
  • utility treatments - involves preparing, identifying, protecting and modifying electrical pits and water, gas and telecommunications services
  • track and civil works - involves excavating the road and combined services trench, constructing the track slab and laying of rails
  • drainage and footpath works - involves installing new storm-water drainage system and reconstruction of kerbs and footpaths
  • installation of stops, shelters and poles for lighting and overhead wires
  • commissioning and finishing works - including the testing of the light rail vehicles and landscaping.

What does major construction include?

Major construction includes excavation, extensive works relocating and protecting underground utilities, rebuilding roads and laying tracks.

Hours of Work

Standard construction working hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday. Between November and April normal construction hours are extended to 6:00am - 8:00pm Monday to Saturday. However, in some circumstances, there will be some work that is required out-of-hours because it involves roads and intersection closures that must be accessible to peak and day traffic, particularly for emergency service vehicles.

Will there be weekend and night work?

Some construction activities may require out-of-hours work. Communities in the surrounding areas will be notified in advance, prior to the works commencing. When necessary, out-of-hours work will be undertaken between 8:00pm to 6:00am from Sunday to Thursday. Changes to out-of-hours work schedules may be contingent upon weather conditions and the nature of construction. NOTE: Untill 28 October 2018, standard working hours have been extened to 6:00am - 8:00pm between Alinga Street and Antill-Mouat Streets.

Who do I contact with an enquiry or complaint about construction?

To provide feedback please email cbr.communications@canberra-metro.com.au or call Transport Canberra on 13 17 10.