Business and Community


Canberra Metro's aim is to maximise local business participation and employment, including training and apprenticeships.

Light rail is a new industry for Canberra. The project is an opportunity to build the capability of the direct workforce, the workforce of the supplier/subcontractor and partner organisations, the local community and the broader construction industry in the ACT region.

Canberra Metro's strategy for maximising these opportunities is based on:

  • Living partnerships - local business engagement and initiatives
  • Collaboration with the Canberra Business Chamber
  • Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway
  • Local SME (small and medium enterprise) participation program. Canberra Metro will look to establish a local SME participation program to inform SMEs of potential tenders and supply opportunities. The program will be developed with other SME related organisations, such as:
    • Enterprise Connect (Australian Government Initiative)
    • SME Association of Australia
    • Australian Small and Medium Enterprises Network
  • Work packages encouraging local supplier participation

Through local business initiatives, Canberra Metro is focused on maximising opportunities for local suppliers and subcontractors in the delivery of the project.

Business Reference Groups

Business engagement is an important part of building and operating the light rail in Canberra. As part of this engagement, Canberra Metro hosts regular business forums, information sessions and pop-up stalls which are promoted through this page and via our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The purpose of regularly engaging with the business community is to:

  • Establish an effective and efficient communication partnership with stakeholders and businesses
  • Understand the local perspective on The Project's impact in terms of use and access and gather feedback from business stakeholders to understand what information they would like to receive
  • Provide a process to raise concerns, and for Canberra Metro to demonstrate how those concerns have been taken into consideration
  • Ensure that business stakeholders are kept informed
  • Ensure issues are managed collaboratively
  • Develop business trust and confidence in The Project's development and strengthen long-term relationships with stakeholders
  • Act as a two-way communication link between The Project team and the business community

Business Link

Canberra Business Chamber (CBC) is working closely with the ACT Government Transport Canberra to build links between the Government, the local business community and Canberra Metro. Acting as a conduit between stakeholder groups, CBC will ensure opportunities for local business are maximised and any concerns are communicated.

CBC is encouraging all businesses to be "project ready," to take advantage of this significant infrastructure investment by ensuring they have appropriate skills to participate where possible. Specific training opportunities and information sessions are announced on CBC's website and social media accounts.



Canberra Metro is committed to ongoing community consultation and keeping the community up to date.

Canberra Metro Construction Update in Gungahlin 22 March 2017


We understand it is important to maintain effective communication channels and ensure that the community are kept up to date with the project and that we hear and respond to any feedback that you may have.

As part of our commitment to community engagement, Canberra Metro hosts regular community forums, information sessions and pop-up stalls which are promoted through this page and via our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.