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The construction of the first stage of Canberra's Light Rail is almost complete with some works remaining to finish off the light rail corridor and surrounds. For information on construction works visit the updates page on this website. This map shows the route and road closures along the corridor.


There will be 13 stops along the Light Rail route:

  • Gungahlin Place
  • Manning Clark North
  • Mapleton Avenue
  • Nullarbor Avenue
  • Well Station Drive
  • EPIC and Racecourse
  • Phillip Avenue
  • Swinden Street
  • Dickson Interchange
  • Macarthur Avenue
  • Ipima Street
  • Elouera Street
  • Alinga Street

Public Private Partnership

This first stage of Light Rail is being delivered through a public private partnership (PPP). PPPs are used by governments around the world to provide significant public infrastructure.  They offer opportunities for improved service delivery, better value for money, enhanced innovation and integrated whole-of-life project management, in this case, from construction to operation. 

Canberra's Light Rail PPP is between The ACT Government and The Canberra Metro consortium.  The PPP is for approximately 23 years and includes the construction and operation of stage one of The Light Rail network for 20 years.  At the end of the contract term, The ACT Government will assume ownership of The Light Rail network assets.

Over the term of the contract, The ACT Government will pay Canberra Metro for the costs of construction and components of the operational costs, similar to the way The Government pays for new buses and for the operation and maintenance of Canberra's bus network. The difference with a PPP is that the ACT Government does not pay these costs upfront and the cost of The Light Rail is spread over the next 20 years. 

As a result, the consortium (not the government) is responsible for all aspects of the delivery.

A PPP is a long-term business relationship between the government and the private sector to provide public infrastructure.  Under this type of contract, the private sector has responsibility for delivery of the infrastructure and is financially rewarded based on performance.

Through Infrastructure Australia, a National PPP Policy Framework allows The Australian, State and Territory Governments to consider a PPP for any project with a capital cost in excess of $A50 million.

The ACT Government selected the PPP model of delivery for this project based on financial analysis, market feedback and consideration of other Australian Light Rail projects.

Canberra Metro

Canberra Metro is a consortium consisting of Pacific Partnerships, CPB Contractors, John Holland, UGL, Mitsubishi Corporation, Aberdeen Infrastructure Investments, DB Engineering & Consulting (formerly Deutsche Bahn International), CAF and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Ltd (MUFG).

  • The design and construction has been undertaken by CPB Contractors and John Holland working with local employees and sub-contractors
  • The on-going operations and maintenance of the network will be provided by UGL and John Holland in partnership with DB Engineering & Consulting
  • CAF will supply and maintain The Light Rail Vehicles (LRV's)
  • Pacific Partnerships, John Holland, Mitsubishi Corporation and Aberdeen Standard Investments are providing equity funding for the project

Sustainability Policy

Sustainable outcomes will be delivered across Canberra Metro's design, construction and operation, demonstrating excellence and innovation.

Our values

Sustainability, defined as excellence and efficiency based outcomes, is a key objective for the design, construction and operation of Canberra Light Rail. Canberra Metro aims to achieve the following values whilst operating with ethics and integrity:

  • Reinforce the inherent sustainability benefits to be realised through changing modes of travel to light rail and facilitating increased cycling, walking, and other public transport use.

  • Commitment to sustainable outcomes during construction and operation and continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

  • Achieve an Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) IS Rating scheme for "Design" and "As-Built".

  • Environment, social and economic aspects will be considered in the procurement process.

  • Optimise the efficient use of resources in design, construction and operation of the Project.

Our commitment

Canberra Metro is committed to using our best endeavors to enhance positive outcomes whilst minimising adverse impacts, resource use and embodied impacts. This will be served by integrating governance, environmental, social and economic sustainability considerations into decision-making at every level of the Project.

Our approach

Canberra Metro will be proactive through empowerment and accountability, identifying and implementing value opportunities that will ensure Canberra Metro delivers sustainable outcomes throughout the design, procurement, construction and operations phases of the Project.

Sustainability Objectives

  • Designing, building, operating and adapting to potential climate change impacts and social needs of society
  • Providing community benefits that support local communities and deliver lasting benefits and societal enhancement through the provision of transport amenity and reliability, community safety, community engagement, provision of public art and appropriately accessible design
  • Minimising potable water consumption
  • Minimising materials use and waste
  • Minimising operational and construction embodied carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • Environment, social and economic aspects will be considered in the procurement process
  • Where appropriate, influencing subcontractors and suppliers to adopt sustainable practices
  • Implementing Canberra Metro systems and processes to ensure that sustainability is integrated into day-to-day operations with a commitment to continual improvement

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